Aperitivo Mazzura 750ml

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Aperitivo Mazzura distinguishes itself in both its multidimensional flavor and stunning fuchsia color. Botanicals are sourced from Dolomite hills and valleys in Italy's Triveneto region, birthplace of the spritz. Mazzura's color comes from a unique blend of flowers and fruits that is entirely natural and vegan-friendly.  It is made just outside of Trento in Alto Adige by the Cappelletti family, who also produce a number of other exceptional aperitivi and amari. 

On the nose, Aperitivo Mazzura is aromatic and herbaceous, with notes of bitter orange, gentian root, and rhubarb. These botanicals give the aperitif a complex and layered aroma that is both refreshing and inviting. On the palate, Aperitivo Mazzura is slightly bitter, with flavors of citrus, herbs, and spices. Try Mazzura in a Negroni, Boulevardier or Spritz. Campari lovers need to try this! Vegan.

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