Enlightenment Wines Meadery Memento Mori Other Than Standard Honey Dandelion Wine 375ml

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Memento Mori combines wildflower honey, orange peel, and dandelions foraged at peak bloom to create a sensory experience akin to strolling in a meadow on the first warm day of spring. One of the first meads ever produced and sold by Enlightenment Wines Meadery, Memento Mori has come to set the standard as America’s finest dandelion wine.

Fermented with a greater amount of honey than other meads made by Enlightenment Wines Meadery, Memento Mori features long and intriguing tannins,, with an intriguing vegetal base note that makes it a distinctive substitute for dry bitter vermouth. Traditionally used in New England as an early-spring medicinal tonic, this mead can now be enjoyed all year as a refreshment in the aperitif/digestif mode. 18% ABV Semi sweet.

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