Found North Batch 003 17 Year Cask Strength Rye Whisky 750ml

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Batch 003 is a 5-whisky blend created to accentuate a vibrant, zesty, fruit-forward nose and palate combination rarely seen in rye whisky. The whisky was built around an 18 year old rye aged in ex-tequila barrels with a verdant and floral nose combined with an herbaceous spiciness. The fruitiness is enriched by blending in an additional 18 year rye aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks and a surprisingly delicate 21 year old corn component aged in used American oak. Lastly, there is a foundation of baking spices and brown sugar using a 17 year rye and a 25 year corn, both aged in Hungarian oak.

The resulting whisky cascades from high to low, starting with a trove of striking berry notes, citrus and honeysuckle, dovetailing gracefully into a silky, buttery mid-palate, before settling into its lengthy rye undertones that provide a resounding, deep, spicy finish. Each sip tastes like someone baked an apple crisp right onto your palate, showing robust cinnamon and a lingering gingerbread finish that mingles with gentle tannins.

55.1% ABV | 110.2 Proof
64% Rye | 32% Corn | 4% Malted Barley
Non-Chill Filtered
No Additives
Natural Color

Double Gold (John Barleycorn Awards 2022)
Gold (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022)


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