Found North Batch 007 18year Cask Strength Whisky

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Nick and Zach Taylor's whisky blending company Found North consistently offers high quality, highly aged blends of Canadian Whiskies with robust and unique flavor profiles.  Batch 007 is built around a 24 year old corn whiskey aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, alongside two 22 year old corn whiskies and an 18 year, 11 month old rye whiskey aged in Hungarian oak. This is Found North's oldest whisky to date. Despite its 131.8 proof, this whisky is creamy and easy going.

The nose flows from the glass, a torrent of brown sugar, taffy and burnt caramel, followed by rivulets of torched lemon peel, creme brûlée and dried pear. Beneath the strawberry puree notes, graham cracker, vanillins and maple lie in wait. Lastly the nose presents a lovely minerality, like fresh rain on granite or a limestone pulled from a fast-flowing stream.

The whisky lands in a creamy rush. The sweet cinnamon residue crystallizes on the mid-palate. The growing tannic friction between nutmeg and black pepper crackles into the side palate, before a steady warmth and the sweet aroma of an old leather armchair settle into the finish. The oily, buttery mouthfeel carries a dark chocolate note deep into the finish, where the softening oak tannins and treacle light the kindling in your chest.

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