Small Batch Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 104 Proof

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Four Roses dates back to 1888, and is named for the brothers Rufus & Origen Rose and their two sons. They use two mash-bills and five yeast strains to produce ten distinct straight bourbons. This bottling is a marriage of four of these bourbons, aged 5-8 years. After years of success, Four Roses straight bourbon was discontinued stateside in the late fifties, as Americans became obsessed with lighter blended whiskies. The name became attached to a cheap rotgut blend and became tarnished by association. All the while, the straight bourbon was gaining a cult following in Japan, and when Kirin Beer bought the company in 2002, they brought it back to the U.S. market, to the delight of all true bourbon fans. This sipping whiskey is rich with notes of honeyed spice, cinnamon, piney anise, orange peel, baked apples, rye spice & vanilla. If you like Bulleit, give this a try.

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