Frapin 1270 Grande Champagne Cognac

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The Frapin 1270 Grande Champagne Cognac is a lovely vibrant, VS quality Cognac paying tribute to the history of the highly renowned Frapin house. Made solely from Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, it benefits from all the things that make this premier cru so special. It is a selection that invites you to re-think all you know about young blends thanks to its pleasant surprise of sophistication. Bursting with originality, richness, and harmony, it's an extremely versatile bottle to own.

Produced by a Cognac house with expertise dating back to 1270, perfecting the process of Cognac production has been the house’s agenda for the past twenty generations. Impressive in its history, its brilliance also extends to its prestigious location residing in 300 hectares within the fine Grande Champagne region. It is this concoction of brilliance that results in specialty Cognac’s that master excellence effortlessly. No exception to that, Frapin 1270 Grande Champagne Cognac is an exceptional tribute to the house's impressive history. Highly rated, multi award winning, single family estate.

Nose: Aromas of vine flower & linden with a touch of vanilla.

Palate: Round, rich, and harmoniously balanced. Fresh, original, with notes of vanilla and toast.

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