Il Gusto di Amalfi Limoncello Liqueur

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  • Organic
A boutique, small-batch limoncello crafted from organically-grown ‘Sfusato Amalfitano’ lemons harvested from groves owned and farmed on the hillsides of the Amalfi Coast by Mario Anastasio’s friends and family. The lemons are peeled by hand in small batches to avoid including any of the bitter pith with the zest (such bitterness is a fault of many industrially-produced, commercial limoncellos) and macerated in pure grain alcohol in stainless steel vessels. Sweetened with pure sugar. Shake the bottle to mix in the natural lemon oils that rise to the top -- no artificial stabilizers, colors, or flavors are added. Drink cold but not iced as a digestivo, or combine with good Gin to create an excellent Tom Collins. Natural.

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