Port Charlotte 10 year Heavily Peated Islay Single Malt 750ml

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from DRAMFACE blog:

NOSE: The smell of a salt water mist tickling your nostrils while a pile of dry beach wood is burning nearby. This is a classic peated whisky. The smell of ripe peaches, lemon zest, clean dry peat, maritime air, and a hint of background ginger and light butterscotch intermingle and leap out the glass. It reminds me of squeezing lemons on shrimp grilling over charcoal and smelling the wafts of smoky citrus notes that rise up, only to be blown away by salty air.

PALATE: Clean dry peat follows from the nose. It’s light and citrusy with a bright sweetness of barley sugar and icing sugar that’s rare in the peated whisky landscape. Ginger and toffee appear after successive sips all the while anchored by clean peat smoke and a light lemon effervescence. Bright finish, with a zesty, salty, icing sugar smokiness that gently fades with time.

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