Sol Tarasco Fungi – Extra Aged Anejo Mexican Artisanal Rum, 93proof, 750ml

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Sol Tarasco Hongos Mushroom Rum is a blend of distilled virgin sugarcane juice. The Master Blender selects barrels with ages of 12, 24 and up to 36 months to obtain a ripened Artisanal Rum. This special edition contains fungi of a species considered medicinal or healing of the genus Cordyceps Sinensis which generates a sensation of well-being, energy and vitality.

Sol Tarasco Hongos Mushroom Rum is the result of the knowledge and tradition of the Purépecha people, an indigenous people centered in the northwestern part of Michoacan, Mexico. This unique rum’s handmade processes are the oldest and date back more than 300 years, after the arrival of the Spaniards using only sugar cane grown at over 1300 meters above sea level on volcanic soil.

Vision: Mahogany colour with copper shades & suspended particles of fungi
Aroma: Hive honey and crystallized orange, notes of vanilla and cinnamon
Palate: Great attack on the palate, with a rich texture from the mushroom, velvety and fine aftertaste


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