Standard Wormwood Agave 200ml

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For this unique spirit, Standard Wormwood Distillery distills an agave and local NY corn thin mash with wormwood. The whole agave is used, hearts and leaves, and smoked upstate at their farm for a full day with both mesquite and spent oak from their Wormwood Rye aging. This leads to a balance between the smooth vegetal spiciness of a tequila that comes from the leaves of the agave, and a subtle smokey ember finish coming from the agave heart that's vapor-infused during distillation—with wormwood tying together this complex arc. Spicy fresh cut pepper notes come through on the nose to give way to a subtle smoky tropical finish and a lingering salinity, distinctly an agave spirit in its own category. Full bodied and smooth so great for both sipping straight and also mixing into a spirit forward Daiquiri.

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