Wormwood Gin 750ml

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Influenced heavily by the old Dutch style gins that are distilled to give a unique sipping experience, Standard Wormwood Distillery starts from a rich whiskey base instead of a neutral spirit (vodka) like most London dry gins. With fresh botanicals and herbs in the column of the still, a distinct botanical character is vapor-infused, along with velvety wormwood undertones for a deeper floral atmosphere of orris root, rosehip, coriander, and lemon peel to balance the bright juniper notes. There's more of a hint of juniper on the nose than on the taste, a round creamy body carries notes of toasted sunflower nuttiness and gives way to a spicy finish from grains of paradise for a layered complexity. This is a gin that can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks, and gives a unique twist to classic cocktails like a lemon Martini, Negroni, or a Gin Sazerac.

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