Standard Wormwood Rye 200ml

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Distilled from a high rye thin mash with local NY grains and wormwood before being stave-aged with American and French oak at four char levels. Standard Wormwood Distillery distills and ages their Wormwood Rye to drink straight like a whiskey. Adding wormwood after the fermentation but before distillation acts as a modifier on the spirit without giving distinct bitterness. The balance comes from the wormwood drying out some of the oak sweetness, giving rise to notes of rye spiciness that mix with the a clove depth of the French oak's heavy char on the finish. While lighter chars of the American oak bring butterscotch, toasted maple, and brittle to the front and middle of the profile. No water and no sugar is needed, and no anise or licorice is used—this is a spirit that departs from absinthe, using the complex depth of the wormwood to create a layered whiskey. Crafted over a decade, bottling the feel of absinthe and the heart of rye. Standard Wormwood Distillery Rye is a complex and perfect go-to drink that redefines what wormwood spirits can be. Substitutes uniquely for classic whiskey cocktails such as a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Sazerac thanks to the balanced rye profile and oak aging.

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